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Cosmetic aspect


 Cosmetic problems and minerals.



Skin, hair and nail health very much depend on what we eat. Mineral deficiency is reflected not only in ours health, but also in our appearance. Dim fragile hair, furfur, unhealthy complexion, acne can be caused by different reasons. Mineral deficiency plays important role in these cosmetic defects. If for example in an organism there is not enough zinc, conditions for strengthened reproduction of fungi and pathogenic bacteria are created. It favour the occurrence of furfur, skin itch, acne. Zinc deficiency causes slowing of hair growth, splitting and falling out of hair.

Mineral disbalance is revealed in various symptoms: hair and nails fragility (calcium, copper, iron); longitudinal furrows on nails (iron), white spots (zinc); early wrinkles and flabbiness of skin (sulfur, copper, potassium).

Мany minerals are included into contents of therapeutic-and -cosmetic means of external application. Zinc and selenium - components of shampoos and balms for hair. Copper, kaly, silver, chrome, iron and manganese add to the masks and creams with lifting effect. But it is not enough. External beauty demands well co-ordinated work of all organism. The balance of all components of food is necessary for healthy elastic skin, growth of healthy hair and nails: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.



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