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How to recover balance of minerals?

Rational feed is a main principle


If from hair analysis you see that there is little zinc in your organism don't be in a hurry to take medicines with zinc. You have to find the reason. If you rarely eat porridges, nuts, cheese, stint yourself on meat, bread and other products that contain zinc then it is naturally that you will have deficit of zinc in your organism. It can be also that diet contains enough mineral matters but it is not balanced – not correct correlations between proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. This situation is unfavorable for digestion of minerals.

For example, iron and zinc is digested badly from vegetable (vegetarian) food with low contain of protein. Surplus of fat, phosphorus and potassium hampers digesting of calcium in an organism. In turn surplus of calcium hampers absorption of zinc. From our data we know that people who often intake calcium additives may have not enough zinc.  

Sometimes it is enough to normalize a diet to recover balance of minerals in few months. In more difficult situations when you have chronic diseases you have to apply more complex approach: changing of your diet, clearing of your organism, taking of additives or medicines. In this case the process of recovery lasts much longer. The course of treatment is divided into separate stages. Control is necessary at the end of every stage.

The repeated analysis of hairs will allow to know, what results you obtained.


What is TRD test?

In the center "Viria" the computer program "Test of rational diet" was developed. It is based on the method of interrogation that is accepted all over the world. The diet of each person for three usual days (without banquets and special diets) describes the basic tendencies of his or her nourishment. Тhere is no necessity to make calculations every day. It is enough to establish once the basic deviations from the accepted norms. For this purpose you have to write down in the questionnaire the list of all products eaten for a day. The questionnaire is input to a computer, and the program calculates quantity of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other important components of food (about forty) which were in an organism. Such kind of analysis will show, whether you eat enough vegetables and fruits as for your age and style of your life. You can find out how much cholesterol, sugar, fat (animal and vegetative) you have in your diet. Then the most important part begins. Results are estimated by the dietician who by means of the same program improve your diet, adding some products, and cutting down quantity of others. TRP test allows to optimize your nourishment taking into consideration your tastes, your health and your financial opportunities.

Very good results for correction of dis balance of minerals are given with the help of joint usage of ТRD test and MAH diagnostics.

Such kind of approach allows you:

  • To find disbalance of elements and define its reason; to balance a diet ;
  • To select biologically active additives, sorbates, mineral complexes with vitamins added;
  • To control the result you obtained.



The patient at age of 41 addressed to the center concerning the question of surplus weight. She tried to reduce her weight many times unsuccessfully. She had pains in the muscles of legs, cramps. Complex examination was conducted in the center: ТRD-test and МАH-diagnostics. The analysis of feed showed surplus of fats and sugar, deficit in dietary fibers, copper and zinc. Hair analysis confirmed deficit in copper and zinc and also found considerable decrease in the level of calcium and chromium. It is possible to explain because surplus fat combines and removes calcium which goes to an organism with food in enough quantity. Surplus of sugar and deficit in food fibers favour carbohydrate disbalance and also result in bigger expense of chrome and zinc. Conclusion: the reason of surplus weight is irrational diet. Possible reason of muscular pains and cramps is secondary deficit in calcium. Special diet with vegetable cellulose and calcium was developed for the patient. Endocrinology's advice was recommended. A patient is under the supervision of the doctor of our center.



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