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МАH and animals

Microelement analysis of wool.



Many illnesses which our home animals have are connected with insufficiency of intake and content of macro - and microelements in an organism. Dim wool, frequent abundant shedding of hair, weak joints and ligaments, flabby bone tissue, irritability and fatigability, spoiled appetite, allergic reactions, dermatitis, weakened immunity – this is not complete list of problems connected with element disbalance of organism, i. e. mineral disbalance.

Маcro and microelements are included in structure of tissues, enzymes, vitamins, stimulate the processes of growth, participate in the transmission of nervous impulses, metabolic control, water-salt exchange, influence immunity. They are in permanent interaction, competing in some cases or "helping" each other in other cases. That's why balance of elements in an organism is very important. Getting chemical elements from an external environment both animals and people are in permanent dependence from content of food, water, air. Irrational diet – is one of principal reasons of disbalance of macro- and microelements.



Irrational and poor quality feed causes problems with health. To define the type of feeding of your animal, find out what vitamins and mineral matters have to be in the ration, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. An element analysis of wool can be really helpful here. According to modern beliefs, quantitative content of macro - and microelements in wool of animals or in hairs of man reflects the element status of an organism, is the evident indicator of mineral exchange and health.



Any owner of animal can cut off or comb out a small scrap of hair from withers and give it for microelement analysis.



Determination of more than 18 macro and microelements will be conducted after preliminary treatment of the sample with the help of roentgen-fluorescent analysis.

Results of the analysis are processed by special computer program and are given in the form of report of quantitative correlation of 18 macro and microelements that shows element balance of an organism; list of found deviations; recommendations for feed and care; prescription of special food additives and medicines; detailed description of macro and microelements; information about content of macro and microelements in food stuffs.



Relying on information and recommendations got from the analysis it is possible to develop individual variant of feeding for your animal. To find out a list of necessary for him biologically active food additives that contain particular macro and microelements, method of their taking and dosage. Almost all of pet foods include “necessary vitamins and minerals”. Detailed list and quantitative content of them are always placed on a label or packing. It is necessary to mention that vitamin and mineral components in pet foods are added on the basis of developments of vet-dietitians taking into account the needs of "average" representative of the tribe. We will add also that high-quality pet foods always have their specialization taking into consideration age and physiological state of animals, high nourishing and biological value.


Microelements included in their content as compounds are able to be easily digested in an organism. However the set of macro and microelements in pet foods is standard: calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc and other. Can this set of elements satisfy the needs of your animal?




In fact every dog has individual peculiarities of metabolism and, in particular, of mineral exchange. "Element portrait" of any representative of this kind, breed, sex, age has its own characteristics. Therefore it is necessary to choose pet foods and mineral additives taking into consideration peculiarities of mineral exchange of the pet.


If we perform element analysis for a puppy it is possible to avoid possible errors in feeding and prevent illnesses that are provoked by wrong feed.


For a grown animal it is possible to correct element disbalance with the help of the dosed taking of special biologically active food additives and, thus, help an organism to prevent illnesses.





A timely appeal concerning an element analysis will help to create a basis for correct feed of your pet and provide him with a health for long years. Today in STC "Viria" it is possible to perform microelement analysis of wool of dogs, cats and horses.


Veterinarian consulting by  the result of microelement analysis: Korh Olga Leonidivna, tel. 233-89-868


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