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Do you wish to know is Your dog satisfied with its meal? Does the health of Your pet answer an ideal? How correctly does it feed, does its ration provide the necessary set of nutritives? How ecologically safe is its environment? How functional its kidneys, stomach, skin, regulation of the processes of intake and excretion of nutritives? Doesn't he have chronic diseases and predisposition to them? How correctly do you treat your dog? How to act on microelement composition of his organism safely and accurately to improve his health?


Then you need to perform a microelement analysis. It is very simply, it is enough to cut away a small flock from scruff.



Case from practice:

The proprietor of Labrador appealed to veterinary with complaints about hyperthermia and weakness of hind limbs of the dog. After Ro OBP- suspicion in the presence of extraneous Ro-contrasting matters, also rachitis. Wool analysis for microelements showed that suspicions are not groundless: dog's bactericidal activity of blood is reduced, and it has rachitis...


Disbalance of basic elements:

Ca ↓ - osteoporosis, muscular tonus reduction and cramps, rachitis, pain in muscles while physical loadings applied.

Zn ↓ - bad wound and trophic ulcers healing, apathy, erosions, gingivitis, enteropatic acrodermatitis, baldness.

Se ↓ - immunity lowering, bones and heart diseases, constrained motion. Raised contents of cadmium and mercury in organism yields selenium need.

Fe ↑ - lowering of bactericidal activity of blood, intensification of inflammatory processes, toxic hepatitis, hypothermia, anorexia.

Cr ↑ - dermatitis, ulcers, gastritises, allergic reaction.

Disbalance of toxic elements:

Cd ↑ - kidneys and liver disease (proteinuria, glucosuria, phosphaturia), osteoporosis, arterial hypertension.

Zr ↑ - accumulat es in bones, spleen, liver.

Hg ↑ -changes in cellular composition of blood, asthenovegetative syndrome, necrotic nephrosis.  

Sn ↓ - damages in DNA.



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