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Special relations between man and horse exist for ages. They changed a lot in the course of time. At the beginning of this century the number of domestic horses was steadily reducing, as cars began to perform their basic role of horses. The revival of interest to the horse happened quite recently (beginning approximately from 1960) mainly due to the increase of their role in the field of leisure and sport. In this sense horse is domestic animal and we have to give consideration to horses as we do to other more "traditional" domestic animals.

Needs of mineral matters deserve great attention because skeleton is very important for physical condition of horse.

Excessive consumption of some mineral matters is also harmful as well as its deficit. It has to be taken into account for developing the ration. To estimate the necessity of mineral matters it is necessary to know their general content in all components of the ration and availability.

The primary purpose of feeding of pets is providing them with long and healthy lives; the basic criteria of feed are growth and reproductive capabilities. We also have to take into consideration the state of health of animal. In practice feeding of horse is subjected to such factors as quality of pasture, presence of dietary fibres in ration and physical characteristics of food.

Therefore, in STC "Viria" it is possible not only conduct microelement analysis of hairs but also test microelements of any pet food.



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