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Аnalysis of soil and water

Environmental research (analysis of soil and water)

One of the activities of STC "Viria ltd" is environment ecology and environmental safety for people. In particular, we conduct research of soil and water mineral composition for the presence of heavy metals, thereby we detect environmental risks to human health.

Which water do you drink every day? On which soil were vegetables and fruits grown? Often the most important information remains inaccessible to us or we just ignore the existence of environmentally unsafe food and water.

This area of activity of our center consist in that you will have access to public information about the surrounding environment.

We conduct analysis of soil and water. We give practical recommendations on improving environmental protection and choose the best means to improve the environmental situation in your particular case based on the obtained data.

Our Services:

  • recommendations on the samples selection;
  • sampling (soil, water);
  • analysis of the soil on the ground areas;
  • analysis of the products grown on this soil;
  • analysis of water from water supply, borehole, well, etc.;

We study the situation individually. Our specialists develop practical recommendations for every specific situation.

By the end of the project, the client will get a full report, which includes:

  • results of analysis;
  • practical recommendations on improving ecological situation;
  • advices on prophylaxis with aim to prevent the developing of difficult environment; 

We will do utmost in order to minimize influence of negative factors. Take care of your health and health of people around you!

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