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What is MAH-diagnostics?


Trace elements hair analysis (MAH-diagnostics) is the examination of human hair on the "useful"and "harmful" chemical elements content.

Useful minerals (iodine, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium) ensure normal functioning of our body. And contrariwise, the toxic elements of industrial origin (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) intoxicate our body.

Elemental composition of hair give us the information about macro-microelements and heavy metals content in the tissues of human body. The existence of the deficit, excess or imbalance of elements in the hair composition indicates at dysfunction of their receipt, assimilation, excretion and distribution in the body. Intensive hair loss is one of the signs that the body requires "mineral" support.


The example given below demonstrably represent the process and effectiveness of MAH-diagnostics

Do you have the lack of iron in your hair? Accordingly, its reserve in the body is insufficient and you are badly protected from cold and enteric infection. Also you could have problems with skin, nails and intensive hair loss.

Do you have the excess of iron in your hair? It indicates on possible overload of iron in the body and it in turn causes reduction of blood bactericidal activity, dysbacteriosis development, dysfunction of liver detoxification.


MAH-diagnostics helps to solve your health problems

  1. The determination of essential macro-and microelements allows to estimate provisions of the body with minerals, to develop the diet that will cover their deficit and will help to their assimilation. And also MAH-diagnostics allows to determine that minerals which need to be supplemented by the additional medication.

  2. The determination of the level of heavy metals pollution.The presence of toxic metals in the body is the cause of many impairment in health status (fatigue, hair loss, a number of serious diseases). Microelements analysis of hair will help to select effective methods and remedies of cleansing Your Body of Harmful Toxins. MAH-diagnostics is the rapid, simple and reliable control method of organism pollution for people who always have contact with toxicants at work.

  3. Prevention. It is important! Microelements analysis of hair determine impairment of elements balance at early stage. Obtained results allows to conduct necessary complex of measures aimed at  preventing various diseases associated with mineral disbalance.

  4. Control. MAH-diagnostics can serve as objective control of effectiveness of medication,  normalization of nourishment and cleansing your body in whole.






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