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МАH for ill people.


МАH- diagnostics and diseases.

If you feel yourself bad but the reason of such condition is not found out or treatment does not give expected result you have to pass MAH-diagnostics.


Illnesses which can be caused by deficiency of minerals and/or cause mineral disbalance themselves:

Аkne (zinc, selenium, sulfur), arthritises (calcium, copper, potassium, sulfur), anemia (iron, copper, selenium), amenorrhea (iron, copper), allergies (calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium), sterility, falling out of hair (copper, zinc, iron), diabetes (chrome, zinc), vascular dystonia (calcium, potassium), dermatitis (zinc), gastritises, helminthic invasions, skin diseases (zinc, selenium, iron, copper, sulfur), Thyroid (iodin, copper) and parathyroid (calcium) gland diseases, impotence (selenium, zinc, manganese, calcium, chrome), bad memory (manganese), adiposity (chrome, zinc, iron, manganese), osteoporosis (calcium, zinc), osteochondrosis/scoliosis (calcium, copper, manganese), parodontosis (calcium, potassium, iron, copper), sexual dysfunctions (selenium, zinc, manganese), cardiovascular diseases (calcium, copper, potassium, selenium, manganese).


Even if mineral disbalance is not an initial cause of a disease it worsens illness and complicates recovery.


Оne of the most widespread reason of bad uptake of minerals in organisms of adults and children is dysbacteriosis - change of normal microflora of small and large intestine. Thus the quantity of pathogenic flora (staphylococcus, bacteria, yeast) increases and the quantity of normal flora (bifid bacterium and lactobacterium, etc.) decreases. Digestion of fibers, fats, carbohydrates worsens; synthesis of vitamin becomes worsen; absorption of minerals becomes more difficult. The analysis of hair of patients who suffer from disbacteriosis, specifies deficiency of calcium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Disbacteriosis can be accompanied by various illnesses of alimentary organs, intestinal infections, allergies, immune unresponsiveness, diabetes.

Treatment of a dysbacteriosis is rather difficult problem which demand complex approach. The basic parts of it are normalization of feed, regulation of intestinal microflora balance, compensation of secretory insufficiency of pancreas gland (enzymes); removal of toxins, allergens (sorbents); strengthening of motor function of thick gut (bulk-forming laxative in case of constipation); suppression of surplus growth of pathogenic bacteria (antibacterial means).


The patient at the age of 41 year has addressed to the center with complaints of menstrual cycle derangements (amenorrhea). Menstruation stopped 6 months ago. Physical examinations: visiting of gynecologist, data of ultrasonic scanning , tool methods, clinical analyses (including hormones) – did not find any deviations from norm. The patient was sent to pass MAH- diagnostics with suspicion of early menopause. Hair analysis revealed deviations from norm in content of iron, copper, manganese. Deficiency of copper was the biggest one. Conclusion according to analysis: deficiency of copper and manganese aggravates deficiency of iron that leads to the development of latent stage of anemia. One of symptoms of anemia is abnormality of menstrual cycle. Іron preparation and products with high maintenance of copper and manganese (germs of wheat) were prescribed for the patient.With the help of optimized diet and treatment the patient had her menstruation renewed in 2 months. The repeated analysis has shown increase in the level of copper and iron. The treatment was prolonged for 3 months. The control analysis of hair was appointed.

It is important! Traditional blood analysis does not reveal deficiency of iron, copper and manganese.



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