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How and where ...


How do we conduct the analysis?

The analysis of samples of hair is performed with the help of highly sensitive new device

of roentgen- fluorescent analyzer "ElvaX-med".


The device is in the register of measurement technologies of Ukraine and is tested by annual metrological checking.

For hair analysis the technique of definition of quantity of chemical elements in hair is used.

(test procedure №12-4502), which was developed in scientific and technical centre " Viria" and approved by Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine (Decision №8 from 5.10.2000).

How do the results of your analysis look like?

The results of MAH- diagnostics present the report on several pages:

1.  Тhe table. Contains data of your analysis - concentrations of all elements in hair (mcg/g), and also the range of norms.

2.  The description of found disbalance of elements, its possible reasons and consequences.

3.  Doctor 's advice.



It is possible to send samples of hair by post. For carrying out the analysis only 50 mg of hair is necessary.

You have to send some locks cut off under hair root and collected in a bunch about the same thickness as a match.

If hair is short it is necessary to cut off hair in total amount of about a teaspoon.



You also have to send the filled questionnaire with your hair. The form of the questionnaire is below.

Results of the analysis will be ready in a week after reception of your package with hair.

The report after the results can be sent with the help of registered letter, by fax or E-mail under the agreement with the customer.

It is also possible to leave a sample of hair if you visite our centre:

Ukraine, 03039, Kiev, Chervonozorianyi Ave 150- G, scientific and technical centre  "Viria". tel +380 (44)-332-05-42,

Моб/Киевстар/  (097) 384-56-71, 

Моб/МТС/           (099) 154-04-81.




Мultielement hair analysis

Dаte of sampling<       >____________ 20_ y.

Surname ________________________________________________________

Name________________________  Patronymic____________________________

Weight____ kg  Height _____ сm  date of birth «       » ______________19     y.

blood group __________________________


place of birth (city)_______________________________________________

Habitation last 5 years _____________________________________

occupational hazard__________________________________________________

nourishment :     mixed,  vegetarian

alcohol consumption :    no,  moderate,   frequent

smoking: ______ years, ________ cigarettes a day

complaints (diagnosis) ________________________________________________


Natural colour of hair__________________________________________

Dyeing, chemical hair wave (what means, when) _____________________________


Usage of therapeutic agent s for hair (what kind of therapeutic agents, when)___________________


Taking of mineral complexes, medical products

(For last 3 months)______________________________________________________

*All gaps of the questionnaire have to be filled, even in case of negative answer.


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