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МАH for healthy people.


Why is MAH- diagnostics necessary for healthy people?



Even if you do not have serious problems with your health deficiency of useful minerals over a long period of time or surplus of harmful elements will cause disbalance in an organism. First of all it will affect your immunity.

Mineral disbalance can cause different symptoms: fatigability, irritability, headaches, insomnia or drowsiness. If these symptoms appeared it means that you have lack of iron, manganese, calcium and potassium and even lack of other minerals. For example, if in an organism there is not enough zinc – it is difficult to overcome cold.

Zinc, like vitamin C, stimulates antivirus activity of an organism. Male problems are often connected with lack of this metal (bad secretion of sexual hormones, impotence), apathy and depressed state and also famous theme of teenagers - acne. Zinc helps to correct a situation. Disbalance of many elements cause falling out of hair.

Pollution of an organism with lead or cadmium is also shown in different ways – changes of mood, symptoms of weariness, inattention and falling out of hair.

If you have any of these symptoms, we advise you to do a test of your hair!



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