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Why hair?

Why do we need exactly hair for the analysis?



Hair is an ideal object for the research. It is simple to cut hair, and such kind of analysis is safe. But the main thing is that in hair all chemical elements which reach an organism with food, water and air accumulate. The ability of hair to accumulate elements is connected with peculiarities of hair structure and formation. It is also connected with continuous duplication of bulb cells which are under skin.



Young cells get nourishment from blood vessels. All elements (calcium, iron, lead, mercury) go to blood and from there to hair cells. Cells mature, dry out, become corneous and form hair. The content of elements in hair does not change any more. On average for one month hairs become 1 cm longer.

As usual for the analysis locks of 3 - 4 cm long are cut. Therefore as a result it is possible to find out what elements were in balance and what were in deficiency /surplus for last 3 months. If hair is long enough, it is possible to restore the picture of balance of elements in an organism that the person had earlier.


Actually, during the time of growth of hair all changes of the content of different elements in an organism is saved on it.



What kind of problems solves MAH- diagnostics?

1. МАH-diagnostics will define the quantity of each mineral in hair and will reveal deviations from norm (deficiency or surplus). These data will show how to change the diet, what biologically active additives you have to take to restore your balance. The wrong choice can only worsen the situation.

2. МАH-DIAGNOSTICS will define the level of pollution of an organism with lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic elements. The hair analysis will help you to choose the most effective methods and means for clarification of an organism from pollutants. MAH-diagnostics – is a fast and reliable method of pollution monitoring of an organism of people who contact during their work with toxic substances.

3. Preventive measures. It is very important that the hair analysis gives us opportunity to find out imbalances in an organism at very beginning and to assume the measures not to have diseases.

4. Monitoring. MAH-diagnostics provides the objective control of efficiency of taking the medicine, clearing of an organism, improving the diet.

The analysis of hair opens the new prospects for the solving of your problems with health because it reveals your biochemical individuality.


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