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Women and children


Mineral metabolism in organisms of children


Аctive processes of growth increase consumption of minerals in organisms of children and teenagers. That's why, even if the child eats much a deficiency of calcium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium can develop. Outcomes of deficiency are various - frequent colds, an allergy and even bad mood. Lingering deficiency of iodine is very dangerous for children. It causes memory impairment, intelligence decrease, falling out of hair, malfunction of thyroid gland.  

if in a childhood the organism does not get sufficient amount of calcium, the risk of development of osteoporosis when you reach mature age increases. Deficiency of zinc slows the processes of growth and normal sexual and intellectual development of a child. Lack of copper in organism of girls and teenagers leads to abnormality of synthesis of sexual hormones, problems with menstrual cycle.

Risk of poisoning of child organism with lead is considerably higher than risk of poisoning of adult. The reason is that the exchange processes in organism of child progress more intensively, besides children eat more food on kg of their weight. Bad progress and even aggressive behaviour of a schoolboy can be the results of accumulation of lead in his or her organism.



МАH- diagnostics will help to reveal problems of teenage age and to prevent possible diseases.

Disbalance of elements in the childhood and during pubertal period influence on health at mature age.



Mineral metabolism in organisms of women



During pregnancy there is an intensive of basic minerals from the organism of mother to the fetus. In this period a future mother even at a normal nourishment often has a deficit of many elements, that dangerously both for her and for a fetus.

So, lack of iron and iodine raises probability of miscarriages, death and malformation of fetus.

By reason of overweight at pregnancy and also at breast-feeding can become carbohydrate metabolism, caused the deficit of chromium, zinc and manganese.

Together with necessary minerals dangerous elements pass to the organism of future child - mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic.




In a period, when menopause comes there is hormonal rearrangement of organism, which is accompanied the loss of calcium, zinc, potassium and others elements. Potassium hatches with perspiration during flows, for maintenance of hormonal balance selenium is increased expended. The broken balance of elements is aggravated by nervousness and irritation, reduces elasticity of tissues and promotes by development of osteoporosis.

In these special for life of women periods it is very important to control mineral balance, to support it in a norm. Вest of all to do it under of medical supervision.



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