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X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer "ElvaX-med"  

Portable X-Ray fluorescence analyzer is the basic analytical device for carrying out MAH-DIAGNOSTICS. Distinctive feature of the given equipment, in comparison with traditional atomic-absorptive spectrometers, is the opportunity of defining all elements simultaneously, and also the absence of special test preliminary work. Sensitivity of the analyzer for the majority of elements is 1 ppm.

With the purpose of usage of RFA "ElvaX-med" in medicine Scientific and Technicall centre "Viria" has developed " the technique of measurement of mass concentration of chemical elements in hair with the help of roentgen-fluorescent method" (MVI № 081\12-4502-00 from 21.07.00, it is certified by the Ukranian state нпц of standardization, metrology and certification of Ukr цсм).

This technique is coordinated with the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine (the Decree № 8 from 5.10.00). More detail information about the device is on the site of the manufacturer.


Rational feeding test


The basis of rational feeding test is the universal test of an actual nourishment of a person which is developed on the basis of recommendations of World Health Organization. With its help we have the opportunity to receive in a few minutes the detailed information about quantitative content of the main nutrients in consumed food stuffs.To estimate the general orientation of feed according to protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, microelement and amino -acid content. To choose or correct a dietary intake of the person taking into account his or her age, sex, professional peculiarities. To find the key risky factor in the feed that causes pathology and its aggravation or disbalance of regulatory systems of an organism. To create the project of balanced nourishment for any period of time.



Spectrometer of radiation of the person - SRP-VIRIA.


Small gamma -spectrometer SRP-VIRIA is used for rapid analysis of radionuklid content in a body of a person. It is a comfortable armchair that is connected to a computer. Scintillation detector that is protected from background radiation is built into a back of the armchair. The detector registers gamma radiation from radionuclides that are in the body of the person.

SRP- VIRIA operates spectrometer system, processes the received spectra, and analyzes databases of results. SPR- VIRIA can be used in mobile laboratories. It weighs only 250 kg. The new, patented method of spectrum processing and analysis of the received data enables us to work in conditions of the high background radiation without reduction of sensitivity.

Defined radioisotopes: 137Cs, 134Cs, 144Ce, 40K, 60Co, 106Ru, 131I.


 Spectrometers of a visible and ultraviolet range.  

Portable universal spectrometers are designed for conducting the chemical analysis, solving analytical problems in biochemistry, medicine, food industry, petrochemistry and other fields of quality control. Spectrometers are purpose-made  subject to the specific entities and  customers wishes.



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