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Spectrometer of radiation of the person - SRP-VIRIA.  

Small gamma -spectrometer SRP-VIRIA is used for rapid analysis of radionuklid content in a body of a person. It is a comfortable armchair that is connected to a computer. Scintillation detector that is protected from background radiation is built into a back of the armchair. The detector registers gamma radiation from radionuclides that are in the body of the person.

SRP- VIRIA operates spectrometer system, processes the received spectra, and analyzes databases of results. SPR- VIRIA can be used in mobile laboratories. It weighs only 250 kg. The new, patented method of spectrum processing and analysis of the received data enables us to work in conditions of the high background radiation without reduction of sensitivity.

Defined radioisotopes: 137Cs, 134Cs, 144Ce, 40K, 60Co, 106Ru, 131I.


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