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The first Ukrainian centre of MAH - diagnostics

It is said, that man is that he eats. What does it mean?

If a person doesn't eat he will die.
If a person doesn't eat food which necessary for organism he will fall ill.

Does not it easy? But for some reason most people forget about it. Diet for them is associated with tiring starvation and dietitian consulting with next questionable losing weight method. We invite you to the center of MAH-diagnostics to dispel these stereotypes. Our experts will check your organism for the presence of essential trace elements, and will select for you the individual diet.

Multielemental hair analysis

For the first time in Ukraine you have the opportunity to get professional MAH-diagnostics - the multielemental analysis of hair. Its results will show you what the macro-and microelements are not enough for your organism and which are in excess. It is no secret that minerals such as iodine, iron, copper, potassium, selenium are vital and have a direct impact on the functioning of all organs.

Variety of factors can cause imbalance of trace elements in the body :
     - unbalanced diet;
     - poor quality of food and drinking water;
     - drug abuse;
     - industrial pollution.

Roentgen fluorescent analysis of hair will help to determine your body's supplies of essential macro-and microelements, as well as test it for harmful heavy metals.

Assessed test of nutrition

 Each person has definite nutrition habits. Depending on what we regularly eat, our body gets some or other substances. We invite you to pass the "Test of rational diet" to find out the food influence on your body. This will allow you to objectively assess the directedness of your nutrition (the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals) and correct it in the right aspect

How is get this test? You will keep a special food diary, and within 3-7 days will write detailed data about the quantity of eaten food. This method is time-consuming, but also it is objective. Today it is considered as the "gold" standard of nutrition assessing around the world. You could clearly define the deficiencies of your nutrition and correct it in a certain direction by this method.

Individual diet

The individual diet based on the results of hair analysis and test of rational diet will be developed for you. It will help you to balance the quantity of the deficit minerals and, respectively, to normalize the metabolic processes. You will get clear recommendations about the amount of consumed products and the best their combination. Competent nutritionist consultation will give you the clear nutrition guidance and will help you to understand what diet will bring the greatest benefit to your body.

Environmental Studies

Environment ecology and environmental safety for people is one of the activities of STC "Viria ltd". In particular, we conduct research of soil and water mineral composition for the presence of heavy metals, thereby we detect environmental risks to human health.

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