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      The first Ukrainian centre of MAH-diagnostics

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About us


Scientific and Technical Centre"Viria"

Аddress: 03039, Ukraine, Kiev, Chervonozorianyi Ave 150- G.


Kinds of activities of the centre:

·          Scientific instrument making in the field of optical spectroscopy, radiology and medicine.

·         Development of special software.

·         Development of techniques of definition of microelements in various environments.

·         Меdical services.

·         Information and publishing activities.

Меdical servises.

  • Gаmma-diagnostics - definition of the content of radionuclides in a body.

  • МАH-diagnostics  (multielement analysis of hair) – definition of the maintenance of macro-and micro elements in hair with the help of roentgen- fluorescent method.

  • ТRD-аnalysis. An estimation of feed by means of computer "Test of balanced diet".

  • Preventive measures.  Correction of diet with the help of analyses you passed, age, kind of activity, blood group and individual tastes.

  • Nоrmalization of weight on the basis of balanced diet. Selection of biologically active additives and herbal medicines for everybody.

  • Advice of gastroenterologist and nutritionist.

  • Cardiologis't consultation.

  • Dental health services.

Scientific researches:

Together with Institute of physics and Institute of applied optics of NAS of Ukraine scientific and technical centre "Viria" carries out researches in the field of laser-emission and ultraviolet spectroscopy.

Together with Institute of medicine, Institute of physiology and other research organizations of Ukraine scientific and technical centre " Viria " conducts scientific work of studying a role of microelements in development of people and animal diseases.


Information and publishing activity:

Scientific and technical centre «Viria» is a cofounderand organizer of annual International exhibition "Diet and life. ХХI"; published 2 collections of articles representing a big range of biologically active additives and treatment-and- preventive products in the market of Ukraine.


Main МАH-diagnostics Аnalysis of soil and water  RFA-аnalysis of blood Products МАH and animals Contact Price Feedback
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