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Sports and stress


Мinerals and stress


Наrdwork, personal problems, getting not enough sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking cause disbalance of minerals even in organism of young and healthy person. All these factors cause stress. To overcome it an organism works "on full speed", consuming nutrients above the norm. Stocks of calcium, potassium, selenium run out. Digestion of minerals worsens. The stress is revealed by its usual symptoms: weakness, headaches, irritability, memory impairment, decrease in sexual activity, insomnia, gastrointestinal disturbances.


The case from our practice

The patient at the age of 20 addressed to the center with complaints of falling out of hair, irritability, absence of appetite. The symptoms appeared after the intense summer period - passing her examinations, personal problems. Hair analysis revealed significant deviations in the content of iron, calcium, potassium , selenium, sulfur and manganese. A special diet was developed for the patient taking into account revealed deficiency. Process of falling out of hair stopped in 5 weeks. The control analysis showed positive dynamics of balance of elements.

Unpleasant symptoms of stress can become serious illnesses with the lapse of time. MAH- diagnostics gives a basis for maintenance of health in the intense life.


Мinerals and sports


Potassium, iron, manganese, copper, chrome, zinc and other minerals are directly involved in process of producing of cellular energy. Provision of an organism with these elements in a right proportion is a key to health, force and sport successes. During intensive trainings the expense of useful elements increases and their deducing from an organism amplifies. Only iron deficiency leads to decrease in working capacity and endurance, causes weariness. The organism restores more slowly after trainings. Copper, calcium, manganese, zinc deficiency slows process of recover after traumas, causes weakness of joints, sinews, ligaments. Besides iron and zinc insufficiency amplifies absorption of toxic elements such as cadmium and lead. Lead and other heavy metals are neurotoxic poisons that worsen brain activity and work of nervous system. Speed of reactions slows and coordination of movements worsens - but they are important parameters for all kinds of sports. Intensive trainings demand regular control of content of basic minerals and toxic elements in an organism.

Continuous deficiency of minerals and accumulation of toxic elements has bad influence not only on sport results, but also on health.

Exercisers on gym apparatus, aerobics, other physical activities together with stress aggravate mineral disbalance of unexercised people.



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