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We, probably, think not once, why for a cat an appetite changes or moult, suddenly begin to be caught illnesses. Certainly, great number of various factors: feed and housing condition, infections and ecology, and genetics influence on the state of health of cats. Avoiding many of the transferred misfortunes is difficult or impossible. To rise endurance of organism to all of these problems in natural way is possible by very important and essential for life and health matters which known, as minerals and microelements. The matter is that microelements are not synthesized in an organism, but to get into organism with food, air, water, through a skin and mucous membranes. If attentively and in time to watch after balance of mineral matters in an organism, many illnesses and misfortunes can be avoided.



In what deficiency in a ration or loss by an organism of microelements can result?

Let in the beginning consider it on the example of calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese.


Calcium. The deficiency of calcium usually to be evident for cats as muscular pain, cramps, amphodontosis , osteoporosis , allergy , hematolysis, risk of atherosclerosis, infectious diseases (including tuberculosis).

Potassium. If the amount of potassium in an organism is insufficient, proprietors are disturbed by dryness of skin, colourlessness of wool of their favorites.

Iron. Anemia, ailment, undue fatiguability, increased predisposition to the colds and infectious diseases, fragility of claws and bones, cardiac murmur, immunodeficiency state.

Zinc. The deficiency of zink is usually characterized the presence of diseases of skin, wool, claws, allergic diseases, hyperactivity.

Copper. Deficiency of copper in mature animal activates of hormone synthesis of thyroid - thyroxin, to development of anemia, leukocytopenia, depigmentation of skin.

Manganese. Deficiency of manganese to be evident as imbalance of ipometabolism, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, goitrous illness.






Veterinarian consulting by  the result of microelement analysis: Korh Olga Leonidivna, tel.:233-89-86.

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